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Telephone: 613-747-7431
Toll-Free: 1-877-528-7565

Ottawa Office
1173 Cyrville Road, Suite 300
Ottawa, Ontario  K1J 7S6
Fax: 613-747-2907
E-mail: reseau@rssfe.on.ca

Kingston Office
1711 Dalton Avenue, Suite 190
Kingston, Ontario  K7M 8N6

Jacinthe Desaulniers
Chief Executive Officer
Extension 201

Jean-François Pagé
Chief Operating Officer
Extension 213 

Lise Sicotte-Villeneuve
Executive Assistant
Extension 207

Marianne St-Jacques
Communications Officer
Extension 204

Planning and Community Engagement

Arlynn Bélizaire
Director of Planning and Community Engagement
Extension 211

Jessica Deschênes Cervantes
Community Engagement and Planning Officer
Extension 203
Ginette Leblanc
Planning Officer, Champlain region
Extension 208

Raïssa Ntouba Alexandrine
Program Assistant
Extension 200

Joëlle Plourde
Community Engagement and Planning Officer
Extension 210
Jeannine Proulx
Planning Officer, South East region
Extension 214

Knowledge Development and Organizational Performance

Ghislain Sangwa-Lugoma
Director of Knowledge Development and Organizational Performance
Extension 206

Aline Murekeyisoni
Extension 205

Information and Technologies

Martin Dubois
Director of Information and Technologies
Extension 218

Sarah Kiobola
Technical Assistant
Extension 220
Miguel Lalonde
Information Technology Project Coordinator
Extension 888
Guillaume Tanguay
Tester - IT Support
Extension 219

Anique Turgeon
Project Manager
Extension 217