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Consultation on Long-term care


The French Language Health Services Network of Eastern Ontario (the Réseau) is planning a consultation with aims to improve access to French-language services in long-term care facilities within the Champlain region.
Francophone seniors, caregviers and health service providers are invited to take part in a series of discussion groups, which will be held across Eastern Ontario in October and November of 2018.
If you wish to participate in one of these sessions, we ask that you please answer a few questions regarding your availabilities. This will only take a few minutes and will help us schedule discussion groups that best meet your needs. Thank you for sharing your preferences before September 14, 2018. 
Thank you for your interest!
Question form for community members (seniors, caregivers, etc.)
Question form for health service providers

For more Information: 
Clément Habiyakare
Director of Planning and Community Engagement
French Language Health Services Network of Eastern Ontario
613-747-7431, extension 211

Thought Leadership Taking Shape: The Réseau’s data collection and analysis initiatives have a provincial impact


The Réseau’s 2017-2018 year was marked by its data collection and analysis initiatives. These are some of the highlights of the Annual General Meeting 2018. Nearly 100 participants took part in this event, which was held at Ottawa’s Pauline-Charron Centre.
Learn more: download the news release (available in French only)

Learn more: browse the Annual Report 2017-2018

Health card: a major step forward for French language health services in Ontario


Le Regroupement of French Language Health Planning Entities of Ontario welcomes the 2018-2019 provincial budget, and is particularly pleased with the announcement concerning the capture of linguistic identity data through the health card database. This represents a major step forward which, beyond promoting the active offer of French language health services, will allow provincial and local authorities to collect conclusive data for the planning of health services which address the needs of Francophone patients.
Learn more : download news release